Why Size Doesn’t Matter

Does size matter? This is a question posed by very many men. There is a lot of hype about a large penis being necessary to please women. This is often exaggerated by this idea being commonly displayed in pornographic videos, despite the fact that average or smaller sized penises are more common. Men have claimed that having a small penis messes with their minds. However, it is essential to understand that the size of the erection is not as important as how you use it and how long you last. Being able to last longer is a big factor in pleasing women.

If you have a small penis, you can have long lasting sex by doing the following:
• Breathing – it will relax your muscles and remove the tension in your pelvic area. Breath in intensely for eight seconds, hold for one second and then breathe out evenly.
• Develop the right mindset – it helps to stop anxiety and to push away negative thoughts and panic that can sabotage your efforts to last longer in bed.

It is true to say that the size of a guy’s penis can have an effect on the woman’s sensation during the intercourse. However, having a small penis is not a deal-breaker. According to some women, guys with small dicks are better because they have perfect oral and manual sex skills. Other women prefer having sex with men with small penises because they fit well and they are less likely to trigger sexual pain than men with huge dicks. The following are some of the techniques that men on the smaller side can use to satisfy their partners during sexual intercourse.

• Find your best position
Anytime you are having intercourse either with a new person or with your partner, you need to find the right position that suits your body. Look for a position where you can hold your legs close together in order to maintain a tight fit. It is also advisable to use a sexual position where your crotches stay together.

• Add more clitoral stimulation
The clitoris should be a focal point for stimulation, especially during foreplay. The nerve endings there are different from the nerve endings in other parts of the vagina. This means that touching the clitoris, emphasizing on oral sex or manual stimulation can provide sexual satisfaction to your partner.

• Try anal sex
Dating with a guy with a small penis is beneficial because having anal sex with him is much more pleasurable. Most women have reported that anal sex with guys on the larger side is too painful. Being on the smaller side might be the right time to start exploring the joys of anal sex.

As adults, we all want to have a good time with our partners when having sex. The size of the dick does not dictate whether you will satisfy them in bed or not. Follow the above guidelines, and you will have the best time in bed.

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